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B & R Plumbing LLC 

Our Services


B & R Plumbing can help you with all of your plumbing needs. Residential or commercial, we have you covered! We are fully licensed and insured. We follow all plumbing codes and guidelines. Available 24/7 for any emergency services.

Drain & Sewer

Slow or clogged drain? Sewer backing up? No problem! Our experienced, licensed and fully insured team have you covered. We mechanically clean your pipes and sewer down to the original walls. We can use an expection camera to quickly determine your plumbing problems if needed. Refer to camera inspection services for more information. 

Camera Inspections

Our professionally skilled technicians can use these specifically made waterproof cameras to visually inspect your sewer lines and any underground pipes. These cameras can travel through corners, in cement and under the property's foundation. This gives the technician real-time images to determine the existing problem. A camera inspection is highly recommended if you experience repeated drain clogs, back ups or slow drains.

Hydro Jetting

Hyrdo jetting is a method of cleaning out sewers and drain lines. We do this by using high pressure water through specialized jetting nozzles to dislodge and clear the pipes. 

Trenchless Sewer

This technique is minimally invasive to your property. This allows us to do alot of work without having to dig up your property. There are many benefits to trenchless sewers. It is a faster method, less intrusive to your property and less expensive. It leaves minimal mess and clean up.